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Invisible Shield Glass and Surface Cleaner 25oz

Invisible Shield Glass and Surface Cleaner 25oz

  • Brand:Clean-x
  • Product Code:13106
  • Availability:In Stock
  • $10.99

Flush surface with water and leave wet.  (1) Apply MIRACLE SCRUB to damp cloth or sponge and gently massage surface with a circular, overlapping motion until soil softens.  (2) Rinse surface thoroughly with water until residue-free.  Dry with cloth or paper towel. (3) Repeat application as needed until surface is clean and sparkling

Tried and proven for more than 30 years, Invisible Shield is a long lasting “invisible” nano-scale barrier coating that SEALS, POLISHES & PROTECTS all glass, porcelain & ceramics surfaces against dirt, grime, soap scum and hard water stains.  Use it on windows, patio doors, glass shower doors & enclosures, porcelain sinks & bathtubs, and ceramic tile walls & counters. 

  • repels water, soil & stains for easier cleaning and improved appearance. 
  • used by many professionals
  • keeps surfaces looking like new and prevents the adhesion and buildup of hard water minerals, soap scum, rust & lime scale.

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