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Gator Skinz White 4" x 16" 2 Pack

Gator Skinz White 4" x 16" 2 Pack

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Peel & Stick to Get a Grip!

  • Use anywhere you need a grip in or out of the water!
  • 70% Recycled Materials
  • Grit & Pebble Non Skid Patterns
  • Black & Light Gray Colors
  • Available in Bulk – 24″W up to 100’L
  • Uses exclusive 3M KeelShield® adhesive
  • No curing time – No peeling or lifting edges
  • Superior UV Stability & Lifespan

Are you tired of slipping around on your boat, trailer, or jetski on the water? Has the non-skid on your product worn away or peeled off? Or do you just want to have better stability or a grip? Then GatorSkinz™ Non-Skid is right for you. GatorSkinz™ is a traction mat material made out of 70% recycled materials featuring a pebble or grit texture.

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