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Deckote Crack Filler 946mL

Deckote Crack Filler 946mL

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APPROXIMATE COVERAGE Deckote Primer 350 Sq Ft. (32 Sq M) per Gallon. Deckote Base Coats 100 Sq Ft. (9.3 Sq M) per Gallon. Deckote Color Coats 100 Sq Ft. (9.3 Sq M) per Gallon. RECOATING DRYING PARAMETERS at 77°F (25°C) Primer 4 hours. Base Coats 12 hours. Color Coats 12 hours. Time to walk on coated deck 24 hours after last coat. Time to place furniture on deck 3 days. Time to achieve full cure 7 days. DO’S Prepare the surface properly, according to directions. Apply Deckote at recommended spreading rates. Allow proper drying times between coats. Ensure the temperature is greater than 50°F (10°C) for 4 hours after last coat. DON’TS Don’t start if the weather looks questionable. Don’t apply when temperature is below 50°F (10°C). Don’t thin or add water to the product. Don’t apply over loose paint, dirty or oiled surfaces. Don’t place heavy furniture on coating before a full cure of 7 days. Don’t apply under direct sunlight when temperature exceeds 77°F (25°C) Weekend Project Schedule NEW DECK Start Saturday morning by filling small cracks with Deckote Crack Filler, prime (and tape plywood). After lunch, apply basecoat of choice. Sunday morning, topcoat with color of choice. Walk on by Monday. Allow time to cure before placing any heavy objects. EXISTING DECK RECOAT Start Saturday with a clean deck. Fill small cracks and prime any exposed wood with Deckote Primer. After Lunch top coat with Deckote Color Coat. Walk on by Monday. Allow time to cure before placing any heavy objects.

Fill cracks, screw holes and minor defects in the plywood surface with Deckote Crack Filler. This filler is designed to fill a maximum of 1/8” depresion per application. If the defect is deeper, apply additional coats of Deckote Crack Filler and allow 24 hours drying time between coats.

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