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Moldex Deep Stain Remover 32oz

Moldex Deep Stain Remover 32oz

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Spray on surface, allow to dwell 3-5 minutes. Rinse with clean water. Wipe dry. Porous Surfaces: On extremely soiled or mildewed surfaces, it may be necessary to scrub with a bristle brush, and a second application may be needed. 
TILE AND GROUT: Spray on surface. Allow a few minutes dwell time. Rinse with clean water. Reapply if needed. 
CARPET & FABRIC: Always test for color fastness before using any chemical on fabrics. Remove loose soil from surface. Spray area and allow to penetrate for 3-5 minutes. Blot with white cloth. Rinse cloth and repeat until clean. Do not use on leather or silk.

Does this product have bleach in it?

Yes. It was formulated with Advanced Bleach Gel which helps controls overspray. Bleach is known to damage sensitive surfaces so we developed this technology to help you protect the areas surrounding the mold stains.


Can this product be used outdoors?

Yes. This formula is safe to use indoors and outdoors. It can be used on almost any (colorsafe) hard non-porous surface.


Is this product safe for use on fabrics or metal?

No. Like most bleach-based products, we recommend keeping this product away from fabrics, glass, metals and old porcelain.


Does this product kill mold & mildew?

No. This product is one of the strongest mold & mildew stain removers available on the market. It is 3x stronger than the leading bleach stain remover. However, we recommend using our Mold Killer to stop the growth of mold & mildew. Moldex® Mold Killer is an EPA Registered product designed to kill and inhibit the growth of mold & mildew.

Moldex® Deep Stain Remover

Bleach-Free Mold & Mildew Stain Remover.

Moldex® Deep Stain Remover is a concentrated multi-surface cleaner that’s packed with Oxygen-Power for the removal of deeply seated mold and mildew stains. This product is perfect for mold remediation, flood disaster, housekeeping and property maintenance applications. When applied properly, it leaves behind a residual stain fighting technology on the surface that lasts for months. It is a safe, powerful, bleach-free alternative perfect for almost any surface.


Applications: Awnings, Shower Curtains, Walls, Tile, Grout, Plastic, Previously painted surfaces, Basements, Window frames, Sealed Wood, Tarps, Tents, Shingles, Roofs, Siding, Asphalt, Concrete, Foundations, Brick, Masonry, Walkways and Retaining Walls.

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