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foambeak Canned Foam Insulation Nozzle

foambeak Canned Foam Insulation Nozzle

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  • $14.99

Canned Foam Insulation Nozzle

The foambeak is a canned foam insulation nozzle that attaches to your off-the-shelf can** of gap and crack foam. This nozzle will allow you to apply foam (from the can) to any surface, including vertical and overhead surfaces. You can expect to get about 3.5 sqft of coverage from the average 16oz can of foam. Our foambeaks are made in the USA out of ABS plastic, so they are tough and durable. (ABS plastic is the same plastic that old 70’s and 80’s telephones were made out of.) Each item is manually inspected and machined to ensure proper hole size.

Perfect for DIY’ers and Contractors

The foambeak works great when you want to add more foam insulation to your hot tub, Jacuzzi or spa. We have used these to insulate the back-side of a bathtub before installation (takes approximately 4-5 cans to cover the back-side of an average size bathtub). Use the foambeak to insulate just about anywhere you wish. Have a cold attic access panel? Or how about that drum that you use at parties to keep a keg cold? Remodeling a kitchen?  foambeak the back side of the sink, this will reduce the noise created by the dishes, and it will also keep the water hotter for much longer while they soak.  You can foambeak the door on an older dishwasher to reduce noise.  The uses are endless!

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