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Flairosol Spray Bottles

Flairosol Spray Bottles

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Flairosol heralds a new era in trigger dispensing technology. Free from the challenges faced by conventional aerosols and trigger dispensers, Flairosol exceeds the high performance expectations and environmental demands of sprayable dispensing solutions across a variety of applications, including but not limited to plant care, pet care, personal care, car care and oils. Flairosol often exceeds the exacting needs of customers and delivers consistently on the high performance expectations of end-users.

Flairosol delivers a finely calibrated spray of small droplets over a wide area. The propellant-free solution means that the product’s temperature doesn’t drop significantly when sprayed, which makes a difference to the health of plants.

Without the persistent noise of conventional aerosols or fatigue associated with conventional trigger dispensers, Flairosol’s continuous 360 spray offers an unrivalled, easy to use option for pet care.

Keeping horses calm is challenging at the best of times. Combined with the continuous 360 spray over large areas of a horse’s body, the silent performance of Flairosol is a new benchmark in sprayable horse care products.

Car care products on the market today are either propellant-filled aerosols or trigger sprayers that don’t deliver liquids evenly. Flairosol offers premium product delivery performance in a healthier option for car care brand owners.

Flairosol is a new spray system that’s revolutionizing the self-tanning world. The ability to deliver a targeted, consistent spray from any angle, even upside down, means users can achieve a salon-grade tan at home.

Flairosol’s fine mist spray offers a new level of control for an even spread of hair care product, which means there’s no need to go ‘hands in’. The bag-in-bottle container completely isolates the product from air for a longer shelf life.

  • fine mistThe mist-like spray offers excellent coverage for a myriad of surfaces.
  • propellant freeFree your product experience from problematic propellant gases.
  • continuous sprayLarge areas are covered quickly and evenly from first to last drop.
  • 360°applicationSpray in all directions for those tricky to reach areas.

  • unique designThe elegant bottle design combined with superior functionality enhances the appeal of your product and creates distinction at the point of purchase.
  • non-pressurized containerFlairosol is free of the pressurization requirements for conventional aerosol propellant gasses that cause bottlenecks in the supply chain.
  • product isolationFlairosol’s bag-in-bottle container provides a gasless product delivery solution, which means that unadulterated liquids remain fresh for longer periods.
  • near 100% evacuationBag-in-bottle technology offers a tough-to-match liquid evacuation level, which results in maximum delivery and minimum waste of product.

  • environmental advantagesThe non-pressurized, propellant-free packaging means Flairosol combines a better-than-aerosol spray quality along with a tranche of eco-credentials.
  • viscosity calibrationFuture product updates will offer finely calibrated spray performance for a range of viscosities that are difficult to spray using non-pressurized dispensers.
  • refill packsFree from supply chain bottlenecks such as propellant pressurization, Flairosol refill containers are convenient and easy to swap over.

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