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POSTGUARD Wood Preservative Rods

POSTGUARD Wood Preservative Rods

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Soon after a post is installed, the above ground wood dries and checks, exposing the untreated interior wood and the onset of rot at the ground line is inevitable. Fungal attack cannot occur in dry wood with less than 20% moisture content (MC). Wood at the groundline is usually above 25%MC and with the combination of air (oxygen), temperature and food source (wood) the conditions for fungal spore growth are perfect.
Liquid preservatives treat the surface wood. Even pressure treated lumber only penetrates to 1/4 inch into the wood surface leaving the core of the lumber unprotected. These solutions are also hazardous and CCA treated lumber will soon be banned for public use because of environmental concerns and the presence of highly toxic amounts of arsenic.
The Cobra Rod is installed inside the post at the ground level to protect the entire wood member at this most susceptible area.. It's safe to handle and is made entirely of a unique Boron and Copper Hydroxide complex. These compounds are melted and fused into the form of a solid glass-like rod, which begins to dissolve with moisture in the wood and travels throughout the entire wood section at the groundline zone. Cobra Rods will arrest early stages of decay and set up a defensive protection for years.

Safe To Handle - Easy To Install 

All you need to install a Cobra Rod is a hammer, a drill and a 1/2 inch drill bit.
A hole is drilled right at ground level into the centre of the post. Begin drilling at a level angle. Once the bit is established, tilt the angle downward at a 45 degree angle.
Place the rod into the hole by hand. Never force or hammer the rod itself to avoid shattering.
Place the plug over the hole and tap it home with a hammer to seal the hole.

Boron has long been recognized as an effective wood preservative, protecting wood from decay and insects. Traditional fused borate rods were formed from 100% disodium octaborate tetrahydrate and worked very well. Genics has taken this same disodium octaborate tetrahydrate and enhanced it by blending it with copper hydroxide to form what is referred to as a co-biocide. While effective separately, boron and copper work even better when used together.


Boron is very mobile in water while copper is not. Genics has combined these two opposing characteristics into a mobile and long lasting wood preservative. The boron pulls the copper along while the copper slows down the boron. Tests have shown that, even in very wet conditions the POSTGUARD remains effective for many years.

Greater Efficacy

Copper and boron have great synergy when used together. The old saying “The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts” is a good description for the POSTGUARD treatment system.

Broader Decay Protection

Not all forms of wood decay fungi are controlled by boron. These boron resistant fungi however, are controlled by copper. This gives a broader spectrum of decay prevention.

Commitment to Quality

Genics has maintained a high quality product by refusing to use cheaper, less pure ingredients in our POSTGUARD rods. Make sure that your boron rods contain disodium octaborate tetrahydrate (DOT) and not a less effective substitute.


The POSTGUARD rods are made to fit inside a 1/2” hole. Simply drill the treatment hole, ensuring a cross grain alignment and slide the rod in. Then seal the hole with a reusable CobraTM PLUG, caulking or wood dowel. Once installed, the moisture in the wood will activate and carry the copper-borate creating a defense against wood decay. This same hole can be used again in the future to add additional treatments

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