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Klenks Bath Tub Refinish

Klenks Bath Tub Refinish

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Provide adequate ventilation, protective eyewear and clothing. Maintain a minimum temperature of 24C, and low humidity. Clean surface thoroughly using Klenk's Prep Kit and Epoxy Thinner. Mix 1 part Epoxy Catalyst to 1 part Epoxy Paint and let stand for 1 hour. Brush or spray mixture onto surface. Apply a thin coat to avoid drips. If surface is dry, apply a second coat after 2-3 hours. If still tacky, store paint in freezer overnight and apply a second coat the next day. Apply a third coat if desired, or to cover dark colours. Wait at least 5 days before using painted surface. Click here ( for detailed instructions.

Klenk's Epoxy Enamel is an extremely hard and durable two-component epoxy for consumer and professional use. It is specially designed to restore the finish on tubs, sinks, toilets, ceramic wall tiles, and appliances. Klenk's Epoxy Enamel can be used on any hard, solvent-resistant surface, such as ceramic, metal, stone, marble, melamine, fiberglass, etc. Do not use on plastic or imitation marble, stove top ranges, or other surfaces subject to excessive heat. Always test surface with Klenk's Epoxy Thinner prior to use. Available in three standard colours (White, Bone, Almond).

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