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Peregrine Hawk Kites

Peregrine Hawk Kites

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Envar Composting, ADAS Group of Companies, Technical & Compliance -Hawk Kite and 13 metre poles

Just to say how pleased we are with your Peregrine Hawk in keeping at bay the gull and pigeon problem at our composting site. 

We have tried other cheaper birds but find them to be less robust or effective. 

Many thanks also for your prompt customer service.


Imperial Wharf Marina – Hawk Kite and 7m pole

Doing a grand job on Seagulls, we are very pleased. Working very well, works a treat!

The Ritz Hotel, London – Hawk Kites and 7m poles

This is brilliant, and keeps the Pigeons away effortlessly.  We are most impressed and would highly recommend it

AJ Howe Field Maintenance – 2 x Hawk Kites and 7m poles

Works brilliantly.

Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth – Hawk Kite and 13m and 7m poles

We are very pleased with the Hawks, and lots of people see it flying and ask where they can get one from.  We are very happy to recommend them to you!

Paul Willey, Beechwood Hall Hotel, Worthing – Hawk Kite and 7m Pole

Extremely impressed and pleased.  No Seagulls for 3 weeks now!  I am going to contact the local newspaper to suggest doing an article on its [Hawk Kites] success as there are so many Seagulls in this area


Phil Edwards, Site Manager, Deacon Business Park – Hawk Kite and 7m pole

Just to report that the ‘Hawk’ bird scaring kite we purchased from you last year seems to be working!

…When we put the kite up, the 20+ gulls on roof at present, immediately take to the air and do not land again anywhere on the roof….

..My managers (and everyone who sees the kite) are impressed and consider it was an excellent buy.

John Everett, The Dove Pier,  London – Hawk Kite and 7m pole

It does a good job, and when people comment to me or ask me about it, which happens a lot, I always recommend it.  I am very pleased with it!

Julie Howell, The Enterprise Barge – Hawk Kite and 7m Pole

I find the Hawk Kite to be doing a good job.

Royal Guernsey Golf Club – Hawk Kite and 7m Poles

Very, very effective.  Keeps the gulls away, very good!

John French – Hawk Kite & 13m pole

Your Hawk Kite is a vital component in the defence against Pigeons and I have had years of faithful service from it.

Best Western Hotel – Hawk Kite and 7m Pole

We bought one as our neighbour has one and they have no Seagulls there!  Now we don’t either!

Marina Developments, Southampton – Hawk Kite and 7m Pole

The Hawk Kite has proved to be very effective against Seagulls.

Rolex Watch Company, Head Office Facilities Manager -Hawk Kites, 7 & 13 m Poles

We’ve tried many & various manufacturers and have returned to use this particular bird kite due to the build quality and effectiveness. We have a huge variety of bird issues and all have gone away since using this particular manufacturer’s product.

The Hawk Kite is very effective for Seagull Control. Seagulls are generally medium to large birds, usually grey and white, often with black markings on the head and wings. Seagulls have harsh squawking calls, longer bills and webbed feet. 

Seagulls are resourceful, inquisitive and very intelligent. They have complex methods of communication and a developed social structure. They breed on every continent, and are even found in the high Arctic.

Seagulls are highly adaptable feeders that opportunistically take a wide range of food sources. Seagulls will eat anything from saltwater invertebrates to fruit and landfill garbage.

Seagulls are moving into built up areas to nest. One of the main reasons is because food sources are readily available both from people deliberately feeding them and an ongoing issue of refuse strewn around roads and streets. Breeding seagull pairs court in April and commence nest building from early May onwards. Nests are generally constructed from straw, grass, twigs, paper and any other material the gull can conveniently use. These nests can be large and if they are made of material accumulated over several years and they can become quite heavy. This means that if a breeding site is established the gulls will most likely return year after year.

May onwards Eggs are laid from early with 2 or 3 being the usual number. The eggs take about three weeks to hatch, which means that the first chicks are seen around the beginning of June. The chicks grow quickly and are quite active, which means that they often fall from their nests. In towns this often means that they are unable to return to their nests. Small chicks will die if they are not returned, but the larger chicks will be protected by their parents and fed on the ground. The chicks generally fledge in August and then take about three years to reach maturity when they in turn will start to breed. The life expectancy for gulls can be up to 20 years.

Gulls are social creatures and once roof nesting gets a hold, other gulls will start to move in to an area and nest on adjacent buildings, until their numbers build up sufficiently that a colony is established.

The best method to prevent gulls from nesting on your property is to sufficiently proof your property against the birds so that the nests are not built there in the future. The more people who proof their properties, and maintain them, the more likely it is that gulls will be forced out of residential areas to nest in other areas where they will be less likely to be a nuisance to the


Seagull cause nuisance issues for most people including:

  • Noise caused by calling seagulls.

  • Their heavy footsteps on rooftops from seagulls.

  • Birds dive bombing and swooping on animals and people.

  • Seagull mess caused by their droppings fouling washing, cars, gardens, people

        and walkways.

  • The risk to Public Health due to the diseases that Seagulls carry.

  • Damage to properties caused by gulls picking at roofing materials and by

       nests which block gutters or hold moisture against the building structure.

  • Gas flues can become blocked by nesting materials which can have

        serious consequences.

  • Mites and other insects can get a hold in houses from the old, abandoned

        nests once the seagull chicks have fledged.

Fortunately, Seagulls are scared of the PeregrineTM Hawk Kite as they have a distinctive fear of the Peregrine Falcon.

The Peregrine TM Hawk Kite is a self-launching pigeon and seagull-scaring kite.  The combination kits consists of a either a telescopic flexible six metre pole with a specially designed kite attached to the pole on a high strength line or a 13 metre aluminium pole and line.  It is fixed easily by inserting our tough glass fibre stake into the ground and positioning the pole over the top for the 6 metre hawk kite combination or attaching the kite and line to the 13 metre aluminium pole. – it takes about five minutes to complete installation.

The PeregrineTM Hawk Kite scares seagulls and pigeons off the buildings with little maintenance day and night. They are developed to be silent so they do not both yourself or neighbors! The Peregrine Hawk Kites are made heavy-duty material with strong stitching so they are long lasting. They are hand made in England.

The PeregrineTM Hawk Kite bird controller is made with the highest quality materials to make it as durable as possible. Unlike many other pigeon scaring devices Hawk Kite is always changing its pattern of flight. It varies its manifestation by altering its flight pattern, speed and height depending on the strength of the wind therefore the pigeons, seagulls and other birds never become accustomed to the kite patterns.

If you’ve got pigeons or seagulls you’ve most likely have ongoing issues with them. These issues will get worse each year as the pigeons and seagulls nest year over year. The Peregrine Hawk Kite is a wise choice for a quick, cost effective relief of the problematic birds.  The bird scaring Hawk Kite is always flying, it is quick and easy to move and very effective.  Takes minutes to put up and seconds to take down.  Can be placed close to the edges of areas where pigeon tend to attack without upsetting any neighbors, as they are silent. When in need of storing the Hawk Kite the 6 metre simple folds down and is stored in it’s original box until needed once again. The 13 metre can also be taken down and stored in its original box in sections.


Our store in Victoria was getting bombed by Seagulls several times a day. Customer's cars were a mess, the store windows were covered, the sides of the building and even the parking lot was covered. In looking for a solution we discovered the Peregrine Pro Hawk. As soon as we install the hawk our problem was solved. The birds have moved on to other locations and are not roosting on our building or even our neighbour's buildings. In fact it has worked so well that we decided to add these kites to our our lines of Bird Deterrents.






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