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ProTuff 50 Gallon Molded Storage Bin 37"x21"x20"

ProTuff 50 Gallon Molded Storage Bin 37"x21"x20"

  • $144.99

With its huge 50 gallon capacity our Pro TuffBin can safely hold up to 250lbs of your disaster relief supplies.

This locker was chosen by the US Military as a Tactical Gear Locker, so you know it's tough!

Dimsensions: 37" x 21" x 20"

These 'Structural Foam' boxes are moulded from Structolene; a chemical resistant and extremely rigid co-polymer resin with a higher strength to weight ratio than steel! They feature steel hinge pins, moulded-in locking hasps, and carring handles.

In an earthquake or other disaster situation they will stand up to falling debris and rubble to keep your emergency supplies safe!

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