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Install Directions

Step 1

Remove the cap or malfunctioning pump & discard - you won't need again.


Step 2

Choose the right adapter/gasket and screw onto bottle.



Step 3

Screw a base cap/gasket onto the adapter, tighten, Flip-It! and dispense.


Step 4

When the bottle is empty, remove Flip-It!, disassemble for cleaning, dry thouroughly & use on the next bottle!

Why Flip-It! Cap

Very simply: To save you time and money.

As the level of thick product in bottles gets lower and lower, it takes an increasingly longer amount of time to access the product you need. We've all been there...shaking, pounding, shaking some more, trying to urge the product out of the bottle...from sink to shower to dinner table, this inefficient process takes place constantly and continuously. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking and time that can be much better spent is being wasted chasing product. The worst part is, this exact frustrating process is going to happen again, and again, and again, until we've used up what's in the bottle. Its like fighting a losing battle over and over. At some point, many people give up and throw the bottle away, with valuable product (and money) still trapped inside. Flip-It!® puts an end to this expensive cycle of frustration and time wasting for good.

The simple Flip-It!® cap system allows you to support your bottles of product upside down so that gravity pulls the product to the opening, and as soon as you need product, its waiting for you, instantly ready to come out.

Because Every Ounce Counts!®


  • Provides sturdy balance and can support even full bottles of product.
  • Easy to operate push/pull valve to control the flow and dispense your product out of.
  • Imbalance features on the bottom of the valve to alert you if you’ve left the valve open.
  • Easy to clean so that you can use on the next bottle.
  • Food grade parts-inert plastic, no BPA.
  • Dishwasher Safe, although we recommend hand washing with warm water and mild soap.

In order to handle bottles in the other sizes, the system features color coded Adapters which simply screw into the base caps to reduce the size to either 33, 28, or 24mm. Match the Adapter to the bottle, screw it into the base cap, and then onto the bottle. Flip-It!® and within moments the product will arrive at the opening, ready to come out.

At the bottom of the Flip-It!®; is an easy to use push/pull valve, so that you can control the flow of product out of the bottle. Using the system is as simple as opening, squeezing, and closing.

We've all experienced lotion pumps that fail halfway through the bottle. Flip-It!® replaces most of those and makes getting the product out faster and easier. Since the bottles are always upside-down, the contents are always at the opening, ready to come right out when you need more shaking, pounding, or balancing acts.

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