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EX-74 UV Resistant Pourable Epoxy Coating

EX-74 UV Resistant Pourable Epoxy Coating

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GeneralEX-74 is specially formulated to resist yellowing from exposure to sunlight.
A/B Mix Ratio1:1
Thin Film Set Time/Hour5
Durometer Hardness
(2 Hours @ 60º C)
Tensile Strength3390
Tensile Modulus261,500
Tensile Elongation %24
Flexural Yield Strength6752
Flexural Yield Strain5.8
Flexural Yield Modulus197,848
Tg - ºC53
Viscosity CPS @ 77º F:
Resin (A)
Hardener (B)
Density (lbs/gal):
Resin (A)
Hardener (B)
VOC (grams/liter)0
Gel Time (minutes)
(100 gram mass @ 22º C)
51 +/- 3

EX-74 is an extremely clear, tough, high gloss surface coating formulated to produce a deep glass like appearance in a single layer on a sealed surface. Two or more layers are often applied for added depth and protection. EX-74 has been formulated for improved UV resistance to reduce yellowing and surface degradation from UV exposure. EX-74 has an extended “open time” which allows up to 5 minutes in the mixing container at 70º F and up to one hour working time on the surface being coated.   EX-74 is waterproof, heat & alcohol resistant. Sizes Available 1 US Quart, 1 US Gallon and 2 US Gallon Kit

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