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Brand: Bihler Model: ADJ
Molded nylon hooks are on each end of this 36" long strap which contains 6 openings to adjust the length as needed. Available in Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Safety Orange, Safety Green, Military Green and Grey. Comes standard with our integrated Nylon hook ends, guaranteed to not scratch your boat, tr..
Brand: Bihler Model: EZS12
The Easy Stretch Cord is your everyday cord! Integrated Nylon Hook ends won’t scratch or gouge. Stretch range up to 2x original length, UV Resistant, Fuel Resistant, Chemical Resistant, All Weather, All Year... the best Cord in the world! Available in Black, Blue, Yellow. Guaranteed for life against..
Brand: Bihler Model: LEB30
The Loop End is our Light duty 30" one piece Cinch Cord with a nylon hook integrated into one end and a loop on the other. Great for storage and organization. The Nylon end won’t scratch or gouge. Stretch range up to 2x original length, UV Resistant, Chemical Resistant, Waterproof, All Weather and A..
Brand: Bihler Model: PBS
The Perfect Line Snubber relieves tension on mooring lines and allows for surges and tide changes, With no knots to tie; you just wrap and thread onto your main mooring lines. The Perfect Snubber can withstand 1,000 lbs of pull and can accommodate up to a 3/4 diameter mooring line. Available in Blac..
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