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Brand: AGS Stainless Model: Bearing Washer
Flat Bearing Washer Features:Material: Marine grade, A316 stainless steel.Flat Bearing Washer Application: Used with end fittings for securing a cable railing system.  ..
Brand: AGS Stainless Model: AG-111
Cable Fitting - Exterior Features: Material: Marine grade, A316 stainless steel.Fitting Dimensions:  ¼” x 3 7/8”Fitting Application: Fitting can attach an uncoated 1/8” cable to the posts of a cable railing system.Jam Nut (Included): A316 stainless steel nut that is screwed onto a fitting...
Brand: AGS Stainless Model: DT
Deck Toggle Features: Material: Marine grade, A316 stainless steel.Deck Toggle Application (Crimping required): Pivoting barrel is ideal when anchoring 1/8” uncoated cables to posts for stairs and oddly shaped perimeters.#14 x 2” Mounting Screws (Included): Can anchor cables to wood, plastic, a..
Brand: AGS Stainless Model: C50
Stainless Steel Cable Features: Material: Marine grade, A316 stainless steel.Finish: Electropolished for corrosion resistance and beauty.Stainless Steel Cable Dimensions: 100’ x 1/8” to preserve your view.Stainless Steel Cable Application: Used as infill for a cable railing system.Stainless Ste..
Brand: AGS Stainless Model: 4545
Glass Clamp Features: Material: Marine grade, A316 stainless steel.Finish: Brushed stainless steel.Glass Clamp Dimensions: 1¾” x 1¾” x 13/16”Glass Clamp Application: Used with a rubber insert to secure panels with a thickness of ¼”, 5/16”, or 3/8”Note: 5/16-inch stainless steel mounting hardwar..
Brand: AGS Stainless Model: LT
Lag Terminal Features:Material: Marine grade, A316 stainless steel.Lag Terminal Application (Cable cutters required): Used for anchoring uncoated 1/8” cables to wood, plastic, and composite materials. Can be installed at any angle, which makes it ideal for stairs and oddly shaped perimeters.Note: Th..
Brand: AGS Stainless Model: P17X
Stainless Steel side mount post for the AGS Stainless railing system. 316 Stainless Steel..
Brand: AGS Stainless Model: SL01
Material: Marine grade, A316 stainless steel housing.Body Dimensions: 1½" x 1½" x 8¾". Solar Panel Dimensions: 1⅝" x 3¾” x 9".Light Channels: 3 horizontal LED light channels.Battery (Included): Solar-powered, rechargeable AAA NiMH battery. Produces 5 to 6 lumens of light for up to ten hours.Mounting..
Brand: AGS Stainless Model: AG-210
Swageless Fitting Features: Material: Marine grade, A316 stainless steel.Swageless Fitting Dimensions: 1 ¾” x 5/8”.Swageless Fitting Application: A secure and attractive option if you don’t want to permanently attach 1/8” cables to posts. See Swageless Fitting Release Key (sold separately) to l..
Brand: AGS Stainless Model: P-18X
Top Mount stainless steel post for the AGS stainless cable rail system. 316 Stainless Steel...
Brand: Sure-Foot Industries Corp. Model: 88217
Non-Slip Tape TreadsMaster Stop™ anti-slip tapes are the answer to prevent slips and falls in any workplace environment. Our selection of mineral abrasive anti-slip grit surface offers the traction you need while our pressure sensitive adhesive offers the versatility to be applied in both interior a..
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