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Model: 130340
Matte finish with no oily and greasy residueKeeps treated surfaces looking newPrevents fading and crackingRestores lost color and lusterPowerful UV blockersAnti-Static, repels smudges, dust, soiling and stainingEasy to use, simply spray on and wipe drySafe and effective for vinyl, gel-coat, fibergla..
Model: 130616
Fabric protector spray that strengthens and restores lost water repellency for your outdoor fabricsSafe for outdoor synthetic and natural fibersProtects against both water-based and oil-based stainsDoes not alter fabric color, feel, flammability or breathabilityRecommended by Sunbrella®, leading out..
Brand: Clearoma Model: 15-12
All Clearoma ® fragrances are carefully selected scents inspired by nature and tested for preference amongst the category’s target demographic.Crafted with essential oils, every Air & Fabric Freshener neutralizes bad odours and leaves behind a gentle fragrance...
Brand: Clean-X Model: 122409
3 extraordinary products to Clean, Protect & Maintain all boat glass, eisenglass, plastics, polycarbonates & more. Maximizes Visibility in Poor Weather Conditions out on the Sea. Protects Against Damage-Chips, Pitting, Cracks & Fine Scratches Improves Clarity, Appearance and Reduces Nigh..
Brand: De-Solv-it Model: DESOLV-TRG
Specifically developed for the Contractor Trade. This contractor workhorse is exceptional at removing Silicone, Caulk, Putty Nails, Floor Adhesive, Water Seal, Wet Paint(won't harm dry paint), Roofing Tar and More from virtually any surface! Even safe on Skin & Hair! 1 NO HARMFUL VAPORS, No benz..
Brand: Unique Natural Products Model: Super Drain Cleaner 32oz
Super Digest-it ia a safe and natural drain cleaner that is guaranteed to open slow and clogged drains. Use it as a monthly maintainer to avoid drain back-ups  and slow drains. Plus, it's safe for your toilets and garbage disposals and will enhance septic system waste remediation...
Brand: e-cloth Model: mfg 10602
General Purpose Cloth EGPJUST ADD WATER!One of the two original e-cloths, the highly versatile General Purpose Cloth’s thicker fibres and wedge shape construction rapidly absorb spills and remove dirt, grease and bacteria. You can even use it dry for a quick and easy dust. Use the Glass & Polish..
Model: E6000
E6000 FABRI-FUSE® creates an exceptional bond for general fabric applications. Its extreme flexibility, stretch and recovery won’t create bumps or bulges on fabric and will allow fabric to remain flexible—even after washing. It bonds permanently, dries clear and is acid-free with almost no odor. E60..
Brand: Sprayway Model: HC1256R
Use Holy Cow All Purpose Cleaner on kitchen and bathroom surfaces, on outdoor furniture, add it to your laundry to boost your detergent's cleaning power, and wipe away smudges and fingerprints from walls.FeaturesNo solvents, no ammonia, no alcoholNo Harmful Chemicals: No chlorine-based or citrus-bas..
Brand: Sprayway Model: HC1256R
Full-strength or diluted, Holy Cow Concentrated Cleaner is the best on the market. From dirty hands to greasy engines, wheels and tires, carpets, appliances, floors, oven racks and barbecue grills, Holy Cow Concentrated Cleaner does the job.Features:- No solvents, no ammonia, no alcohol- No Harmful ..
Brand: Sprayway Model: HC1236R
Holy Cow Glass Cleaner cuts through dirt, grime and grease to clean windows, mirrors, sliding glass doors, shower enclosures, windshields, crystal and more.Features- No vinegar, ammonia and alcohol- Removes: Grease, grime and stubborn water spots- Biodegradable Formula: Natural and organic..
Brand: Stoner Inc Model: 113648
Makes Glass Invisible!Invisible Glass contains a unique and powerful ClearDry™ formula designed specifically to clean glass without leaving streaks or haze. Invisible Glass evaporates 100% and contains no dyes, soaps or foams. The 22oz trigger pump bottle has a heavier, more directed spray when you ..
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