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Brand: Bihler Model: ADJ
Molded nylon hooks are on each end of this 36" long strap which contains 6 openings to adjust the length as needed. Available in Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Safety Orange, Safety Green, Military Green and Grey. Comes standard with our integrated Nylon hook ends, guaranteed to not scratch your boat, tr..
Brand: AGS Stainless Model: Bearing Washer
Flat Bearing Washer Features:Material: Marine grade, A316 stainless steel.Flat Bearing Washer Application: Used with end fittings for securing a cable railing system.  ..
Brand: AGS Stainless Model: AG-111
Cable Fitting - Exterior Features: Material: Marine grade, A316 stainless steel.Fitting Dimensions:  ¼” x 3 7/8”Fitting Application: Fitting can attach an uncoated 1/8” cable to the posts of a cable railing system.Jam Nut (Included): A316 stainless steel nut that is screwed onto a fitting...
Brand: AGS Stainless Model: DT
Deck Toggle Features: Material: Marine grade, A316 stainless steel.Deck Toggle Application (Crimping required): Pivoting barrel is ideal when anchoring 1/8” uncoated cables to posts for stairs and oddly shaped perimeters.#14 x 2” Mounting Screws (Included): Can anchor cables to wood, plastic, a..
Brand: AGS Stainless Model: C50
Stainless Steel Cable Features: Material: Marine grade, A316 stainless steel.Finish: Electropolished for corrosion resistance and beauty.Stainless Steel Cable Dimensions: 100’ x 1/8” to preserve your view.Stainless Steel Cable Application: Used as infill for a cable railing system.Stainless Ste..
Brand: AGS Stainless Model: 4545
Glass Clamp Features: Material: Marine grade, A316 stainless steel.Finish: Brushed stainless steel.Glass Clamp Dimensions: 1¾” x 1¾” x 13/16”Glass Clamp Application: Used with a rubber insert to secure panels with a thickness of ¼”, 5/16”, or 3/8”Note: 5/16-inch stainless steel mounting hardwar..
Brand: AGS Stainless Model: LT
Lag Terminal Features:Material: Marine grade, A316 stainless steel.Lag Terminal Application (Cable cutters required): Used for anchoring uncoated 1/8” cables to wood, plastic, and composite materials. Can be installed at any angle, which makes it ideal for stairs and oddly shaped perimeters.Note: Th..
Brand: AGS Stainless Model: P17X
Stainless Steel side mount post for the AGS Stainless railing system. 316 Stainless Steel..
Brand: AGS Stainless Model: SL01
Material: Marine grade, A316 stainless steel housing.Body Dimensions: 1½" x 1½" x 8¾". Solar Panel Dimensions: 1⅝" x 3¾” x 9".Light Channels: 3 horizontal LED light channels.Battery (Included): Solar-powered, rechargeable AAA NiMH battery. Produces 5 to 6 lumens of light for up to ten hours.Mounting..
Brand: AGS Stainless Model: AG-210
Swageless Fitting Features: Material: Marine grade, A316 stainless steel.Swageless Fitting Dimensions: 1 ¾” x 5/8”.Swageless Fitting Application: A secure and attractive option if you don’t want to permanently attach 1/8” cables to posts. See Swageless Fitting Release Key (sold separately) to l..
Brand: AGS Stainless Model: P-18X
Top Mount stainless steel post for the AGS stainless cable rail system. 316 Stainless Steel...
Brand: Duragrid Model: dura
Comfort tile looks and feels great on the feet. The most popular product in the patent DuraGrid line-up and will provide any wet floor with the traction you need. Designed for indoor use only.Available in 3 Colors..
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