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Brand: 3M Model: 3MHRK
A five-step process that restores the clarity of yellowed, hazy or dull headlight lenses, this 3M Headlight Restoration Kit contains sanding discs and a polishing pad with compound. No tools are required. A variety of sanding discs are included in the kit. First, remove the toughest film on the head..
Brand: Rust-Oleum Model: RRCAL
ABOUT RECOLORWipe New ReColor instantly restores color and shine to your faded surface.Great for plastic, metal, stone, rubber & moreEasy to use – no taping, no sanding, no disassemblyBrings back the original color of faded surfacesFOR BEST RESULTSApply in indirect sunlight and protect the surfa..
Brand: Rust-Oleum Model: 307377
ABOUT HEADLIGHT RESTOREWipe New Headlight Restore restores worn, foggy headlights to improve illumination and visibility while driving.Crystal clear results in 2 easy stepsGuaranteed to pass inspection for the lifetime of your carLong lasting protectionSEMA GLOBAL MEDIA AWARD WINNERFOR BEST RESULTSA..
Brand: Rust-Oleum Model: 15OZRTLKIT
ABOUT TRIM RESTOREWipe New Trim Restore renews, restores and protects worn automotive trim and plastic.Great for door panels, trim, side mirrors, bumpers, dashboards, leather and vinyl seats & moreLong lasting shine - 100 car wash protectionProvides UV protectionFOR BEST RESULTSApply in indirect..
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