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Colour Concentrates

Brand: Mixol Model: S/01
MIXOL is one of Europe's leading brands of multi-purpose tinting concentrates and over the last 45 years has proven itself as a reliable partner to individual craftsmen and the colour tone industry. Binder-free multi-purpose tinting paste enables the user to mix 33 MIXOL and 3 metallic effect c..
Model: unicorn
Unicorn SPiT is a PAINT, GEL STAIN and GLAZE in One!The exquisite JASMINE SCENTED, VIBRANT COLORED stain is ideal for use in creating or refinishing tons of projects.It is available in 10 exquisite colors (4 fl oz/118.2 ml & 8 fl oz/236.5 ml sizes) that can be as opaque or vibrant as your dreams..
Brand: ETI Epoxy Coatings Model: ETIOP
These universal opaque pigments can be used with Castin’Craft Clear Polyester Casting resin and Easy Cast Clear Casting Epoxy. Secondary colors such as orange and purple are easy to create by blending two or more pigments. A color blending chart is included in ETI’s “Easy Cast Resin Knobs” book..
Brand: West System Inc Model: 422GP
West System pigments are epoxy-based liquid colorants used to tint the epoxy mixture to provide an even color  base for the final finish system. The colored surfaces also tend to highlight flaws and imperfections. Cured, pigmented epoxy surfaces are not a final finish, but require an additional..
Brand: ETI Epoxy Coatings Model: TCD
These universal dyes can be used with both Polyester and Epoxy Resins. A color blending chart is included in ETI’s “Easy Cast Resin Knobs” book. Transparent Dyes are available in 1oz. containers with drop dispenser...
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