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Model: FMBK
Canned Foam Insulation NozzleThe foambeak is a canned foam insulation nozzle that attaches to your off-the-shelf can** of gap and crack foam. This nozzle will allow you to apply foam (from the can) to any surface, including vertical and overhead surfaces. You can expect to get about 3.5 sq..
Brand: E-Z Mix Model: AB144
Commonly known as Acid Brushes, these small metal handled bristle brushes are always handy and great for all kinds of great uses. for the home, work bench, or any place of work...
Brand: Nour Model: Z SQ36RB18
For use wuth the Aluminum Claml Squeegee, Ideal for all types of coatings, notched blades are reversible, straight blade option also available36" Wide with 1/8" notch size..
Brand: E-Z Mix Model: GPMC70003
These convenient containers are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE). They cups are translucent and with both milliliter and ounce graduations on the container to aid in mixing. Most resins and epoxies do not stick to the polyethylene so once the resin hardens you can remove residue and reuse...
Brand: E-Z Mix Model: EZS246
Plastic Spreaders are designed for spreading body and fiberglass fillers, finishing putties, and resins. They have sharp edges, are flexible, durable, easy to clean, and cured filler pops off easily. They are also excellent squeegees for applying epoxy resins over reinforcing fabrics. Available in 3..
Brand: IPP Branded Model: DISBR
Resin Brushes are perfect for glues, adhesives, resin, epoxies and paint removers. It is a disposable brush that is ideal for one time use projects. It is solvent resistant. White Chinese bristle. .Disposable brushes are often called Chip Brushes because they were ..
Brand: E-Z Mix Model: TD100
Handy stix are ideal for mixing all resins, paints, molding compounds or just general Hobbies & Crafts. Conveniently packaged in boxes of 100 Sticks...
Brand: West System Inc Model: 810CT
Great for injecting large amounts of epoxy, laying a lengthy bead of epoxy or making fillets. Suitable for refilling until epoxy cures. For use with a standard caulking gun. Holds approximately 10 fl. oz...
Brand: West System Inc Model: 803GB
Handy, disposable, ½" x 6" glue application brushes with a metal handle. These brushes are useful in a wide variety of small bonding and coating applications...
Brand: West System Inc Model: 300MP
300 Mini Pumps are designed for convenient and accurate metering of all Group Size A, B and C WEST SYSTEM resin and hardeners. They mount directly on the resin and hardener containers and eliminate the mess involved with measuring by weight or volume. 300 Mini Pumps are calibrated to deliver th..
Brand: West System Inc Model: 300VBK
A complete starter vacuum bagging kit for room temperature repairs and small laminating projects up to 13 sq ft. Some item specifications may vary.Kit includes:Venturi Vacuum Generator with Silencer3 Vacuum Cups, 20′ of ¼” Vacuum Tubing0-30Hg Vacuum Gauge2 Junction “T” barbs15 sq ft Releas..
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