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Brand: Ames Coatings Model: ARMS
Ames® Maximum-Stretch™ is a thick, high quality rubber and acrylic elastomeric coating designed specifically for waterproofing, repairing and maintaining many different types of roofs. Temperature fluctuations and severe weather will cause tremendous expansion and contraction of roofs which loosens ..
Brand: Ames Coatings Model: AREB
Ames® Super Elasto-Barrier™ is a water-based, liquid dual-rubber coating used primarily for roof and deck waterproofing applications. It also works well as a primer for other Ames products. It significantly out performs asphalt emulsions making it especially effective in saving old tar roof systems...
Brand: Ames Coatings Model: ARBM
Ames'® Blue Max® is a special blend of adhesive, high strength elastomeric liquid rubber. It is a new, impenetrable, rubber technology for waterproofing in extreme wet situations such as below grade foundations, basement walls, and cisterns.  It is high in solids and dries to a tough 800% elast..
Brand: Ames Coatings Model: ARSD
What is Ames® Safe-T-Deck® Skid Resistant Exterior Deck Coating?Preserve and protect your deck with Ames® Safe-T-Deck® Granulated non-slip coating, slip resistant. It is a strongly adhesive acrylic latex that is easy to apply and creates a non-slip granulated surface once dry making it great for are..
Brand: Ames Coatings Model: ARSP
What is Ames® Super Primer™?Start your project off right with Ames® Super Primer™. Super Primer™ is ideal for priming big projects because it leaves a good surface for other Ames® coatings to adhere to. It is a powerful membrane that seal against water damage and seepage. It strengthens the surface ..
Brand: Ames Coatings Model: ARST
A Contouring - Self-Adhesive - High-Strength For Concrete, Metal  and many other surfaces. Our seam tape comes in 3 different sizes.PS250: Size: 2" x 50'PS450: Size: 4" x 50'PS650: Size: 6" x 50'Seam taping is an easy process and an important step in properly preparing your surface before ..
Brand: Ames Coatings Model: ARRF
Ames® Polyester Contouring Roof Fabric adds substantial strength to the coating of roof surfaces. It reinforces the coating to resist ripping and tearing. Roof Fabric may be cut to different widths for specialized jobs. It is especially useful for roof decks and gutter areas and may be used ove..
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