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Brand: Benjamin Moore Model: K792
A premium quality, waterborne alkyd that delivers the desired flow and levelling characteristics of conventional alkyd paint with the low odour and low VOC and soap and water cleanup of waterbourne finishes. ideal for interior doors, trim and cabinets,Key advantages:Advance offers the applicati..
Brand: INSL-X Model: AQ-0400
Aqua Lock® Plus is a 100% acrylic primer that provides excellent adhesion to a variety of interior & exterior surfaces. It has superior sealing and coverage qualities, product versatility and is an excellent base coat for both latex and oil-based finish coatings. It offers excellent stain bl..
Brand: INSL-X Model: P8-8000
Prime Lock Plus is a high hiding, alkyd, primer, sealer and stain blocker for interior use and spot priming exterior surfaces. Excellent for priming over plaster, drywall, wood and previously painted or varnished surfaces. It can be top coated with any oil or latex paint. It provides excellent e..
Brand: INSL-X Model: IL-6800
Seal Lock® Plus is an alcohol-based flat coating that stops bleeding on plaster, wood, metal and masonry. It is ideal as a replacement for pigmented shellac, although it does not contain shellac. Seal Lock® Plus may be used as a primer for porous wallboard, plasterboard, drywall and plywood; as ..
Brand: INSL-X Model: SXA-110
Stix® Waterborne Bonding PrimerSXA-110Stix Waterborne Bonding Primer is a premium-quality, acrylic-urethane primer-sealer with unparalleled adhesion to the most challenging surfaces, including glossy tile, PVC, vinyl, plastic, glass, glazed block, glossy paint, pre-coated siding, fiberglass, and gal..
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