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Masonry Stains & Sealers

3 in 1 Concrete Prep 3.78 Litre
2-3 Days
Brand: NewLook International Model: 3-1-CP
3in1 Prep3in1 Prep is a biodegradable cleaner, etcher and degreaser designed to clean, degrease and etch the concrete all in one simple step. It can be used on a wide array of concrete and masonry surfaces to gently prep the area for any type of project or general cleaning...
Brand: NewLook International Model: SSCS
SMARTSEAL CONCRETE SEALERThe water-based formula is used to protect all NewLook concrete stains, properly prepared concrete floors, pool decks and other concrete and masonry surfaces. SmartSeal WB dries quickly and, once cured, creates an abrasion-resistant film that provides weatherproof protection..
Brand: Protocol Products Model: VGWM1G
VersaGuard – with patent-pending InnerCreteTM Technology, is designed to provide maximum concrete waterproofing and protection for applications where surfaces will be painted or coated and optimal coating adhesion is required.VersaGuard chemically modifies the concrete to create a permanent, in..
Brand: Protocol Products Model: DGWM1G
DualGuard – with patent-pending InnerCreteTM Technology, provides “dual defense,” maximum concrete protection with an added super repellent for visual surface water / liquid beading.DualGuard chemically modifies the concrete to create the permanent, integral and consistent InnerCreteTMMembrane ..
Brand: Protocol Products Model: WA1G
Protocol has developed a complete system to effectively remove and prevent efflorescence.  First, using eco-friendly, spray-on WhiteAway Remover, efflorescence (and residual dirt and grime) is safely dissolved so as not to destroy delicate surfaces.  Once cleaned, the surface can be t..
Brand: NewLook International Model: SS-APP-BR
Pair with NewLook Concrete Stain for the best resultsThe NewLook Applicator Brushes’ flag-tipped and dense bristles make them the most effective tools for installing the ORIGINAL Solid Color Stain, CoolStain PRO and other concrete stains or garage floor coatings on porous concrete.NewLook strongly r..
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