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Model: 1238385
For some applications, there’s still no substitute for oil. Since 1958 painters have reached for the original Wooster Yachtsman brand to apply these durable wood finishes. Yachtsman paintbrushes feature carefully selected, unbleached white China bristle that is soft enough for flowing on the fine..
Brand: E-Z Mix Model: AB144
Commonly known as Acid Brushes, these small metal handled bristle brushes are always handy and great for all kinds of great uses. for the home, work bench, or any place of work...
Brand: IPP Branded Model: DISBR
Resin Brushes are perfect for glues, adhesives, resin, epoxies and paint removers. It is a disposable brush that is ideal for one time use projects. It is solvent resistant. White Chinese bristle. .Disposable brushes are often called Chip Brushes because they were ..
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