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Brand: Ames Coatings Model: ARMS
Ames® Maximum-Stretch™ is a thick, high quality rubber and acrylic elastomeric coating designed specifically for waterproofing, repairing and maintaining many different types of roofs. Temperature fluctuations and severe weather will cause tremendous expansion and contraction of roofs which loosens ..
Brand: Ames Coatings Model: AREB
Ames® Super Elasto-Barrier™ is a water-based, liquid dual-rubber coating used primarily for roof and deck waterproofing applications. It also works well as a primer for other Ames products. It significantly out performs asphalt emulsions making it especially effective in saving old tar roof systems...
Brand: Protocol Products Model: DGWM1G
DualGuard – with patent-pending InnerCreteTM Technology, provides “dual defense,” maximum concrete protection with an added super repellent for visual surface water / liquid beading.DualGuard chemically modifies the concrete to create the permanent, integral and consistent InnerCreteTMMembrane ..
Brand: Ames Coatings Model: ARBM
Ames'® Blue Max® is a special blend of adhesive, high strength elastomeric liquid rubber. It is a new, impenetrable, rubber technology for waterproofing in extreme wet situations such as below grade foundations, basement walls, and cisterns.  It is high in solids and dries to a tough 800% elast..
Brand: Liquid Rubber Model: LRNP
FLEXIBLE HEAVY-DUTY COATINGMAINTAIN YOUR HOME’S MOST ELEGANT FEATUREA beautiful pond can be the centerpiece of your home. It adds a level of elegance, adventure, and intrigue that can’t be gained from any other property feature.Unfortunately, all it takes is a single leak to turn that tasteful cente..
Brand: Liquid Rubber Model: LREPDM
EPDM Primer is a rubber polymer water based roofing primer, and like its name; its been specifically designed for EPDM surfaces. EPDM Rubber is extremely hard to stick to without a quality Primer. This Primer does not react with atmospheric moisture allowing it to be opened and resealed for use at a..
Brand: Liquid Rubber Model: LRRV
RV Roofs are notorious for leaking. Whether it’s a vent, skylight, tear or slide; it never seems to end. Liquid Rubber’s products provide you with easy DIY tools to keep your RV dry, eliminating the need for costly service calls. The best roof leak is the one that never happens. This can only be..
Brand: Liquid Rubber Model: LRST
PEEL AND STICKThis product is used to seal roof joints (seams) and tears, copings; flashings, skylights; gutters, etc. Perfect for repairing and restoring roofs of residential and commercial buildings, mobile homes & RVs.Bonds to a wide range of surfaces including difficult roof materials such a..
Brand: Liquid Rubber Model: LRWS
FLEXIBLE HEAVY-DUTY COATINGENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant is water based, containing no Solvents or VOC's. This means it's safe to use indoors and outdoors with no special breathing apparatus like solvenated products need. You're safe, your children are safe and your pet..
Brand: Ames Coatings Model: ABWLR
What is Ames® Block & Wall® Liquid Rubber?Waterproof in extreme situations with Ames® Block & Wall® Liquid Rubber. This highly adhesive coating is high in solids and dries to a strong flexible membrane that is highly elastomeric to resist cracking and peeling. It is up to 800% elastomeric. N..
Brand: Ames Coatings Model: ARIC
Ames'® Iron Coat  industrial strength roof paint is a thick, high quality rubber and acrylic elastomeric roof coating especially formulated for metal. Designed for waterproofing and maintaining commercial and residential metal roofs, as well as mobile home and RV roofs. It has a special af..
Brand: Ames Coatings Model: ARSD
What is Ames® Safe-T-Deck® Skid Resistant Exterior Deck Coating?Preserve and protect your deck with Ames® Safe-T-Deck® Granulated non-slip coating, slip resistant. It is a strongly adhesive acrylic latex that is easy to apply and creates a non-slip granulated surface once dry making it great for are..
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