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Printer Parts & Upgrades

Brand: Creality Model: CR-MK8E
This modified MK8 Extruder has a filament guide tube, all screws, spare drive gear, and upgraded Bowden tube fitting, for CR 10 3D Printer. Our design gives complete support of flexibles from the intake and output ends. We've reduced the price and complexity of printing flexibles. It will also allow..
BLTouch Auto Bed Leveling Sensor BLTouch Auto Bed Leveling Sensor
Brand: Creality Model: CR-ABLS
BLTouch is an auto-leveling sensor for 3D Printers that can precisely measure the tilt of the Bed surface. It could work with any kinds of bed materials, such as glasses, woods, metals, and so on.Not for the Ender-3 V2FEATURESThe main functions and controls of BLTouch are the same as the usual auto ..
Brand: Creality Model: CR-SSEC
MK9 Silicone Sock Heater Block Cover Silicone Insulation For Creative Ender 3 Replicator Prusa i3 Tronxy MK7/MK8/MK9Do you still worry about the Block become dirty and burnt on the surface after using a period of time? But now this sock will solve your worry. These socks will keep your nozzle c..
Brand: Creality Model: 6004110027
24V 6800r/min,L1400mmStrong Wind Force and Low Power Consumption;Excellent Cooling System;Multi Fan Blades with Fluid Design..
Brand: Creality Model: 6004110045
24V, Shaft Oil Hydraulic, 5500R /min 10%,L600, Red and Black Wire ,With Buckle 2.5 Terminals (Front End)..
Brand: Creality Model: 6004110018
This 4010 fan is compatible with the Ender-3 series, Ender-5 series, & CR-10 series.This fan can be compatible with other printers, be sure to check your printers specifications before purchase!The fan features a silent drive TMC, and a 60% noise reduction over other fans.The fan has L1200m..
Brand: Creality Model: 6004110048
24V, Shaft Oil Hydraulics,5600r/min,L200, Red and Black Wire, With 2.5 Terminals (Front End)..
Brand: Creality Model: 6004110047
24V, Axial Flow Hydraulic,4500r/min, Line Length :600mm, Yellow and Blue Line ,with 2.54 Buckle Terminal..
Brand: Creality Model: 3006070007
6mm Synchronous belt (open belt) 1m in length.Good for many uses, cut to length for universal printer fitting...
Brand: Creality Model: 6004010022
Replacement heat block made of aviation aluminum for these models;CR-5pro/CR-7/CR-8S/CR-9S/CR-100/Ender-1/Ender-2/Ender-4/CR-10S/CT-5S/Ender-3 Series,Ender-5 Series, Ender-6..
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