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Brand: e-cloth Model: mfg 10602
General Purpose Cloth EGPJUST ADD WATER!One of the two original e-cloths, the highly versatile General Purpose Cloth’s thicker fibres and wedge shape construction rapidly absorb spills and remove dirt, grease and bacteria. You can even use it dry for a quick and easy dust. Use the Glass & Polish..
Brand: e-cloth Model: e-BC1
Bathroom ClothJUST ADD WATER!The Bathroom Cloth’s longer and thicker fibres give it exceptional cleaning power and high absorbency, to clean wet areas around sinks, baths and showers. Use regularly to prevent the build-up of limescale. Where there is a substantial build-up, the use of a proprietary ..
Brand: e-cloth Model: e-D1
e-cloth Dusting 2 PackJUST ADD WATER!includes (1) High Performance Cleaning & Dusting Cloth - 12.5" x 12.5"Extra long microscopic textured fibers draw and hold dust, pollen, dirt, grease, oilCoax dust and grime from nooks and crannies that normal cloths cannot reachExcellent on all types of furn..
Brand: e-cloth Model: e-W2
e-cloth Window Cleaning 2 PackJUST ADD WATER!There is no need for specialist liquid cleaners to leave windows with a sparkling finish.The Window Cloth’s highly absorbent fibre structure expands when wet, enabling even the toughest dirt to be effortlessly lifted, trapped and removed from windows and ..
Brand: e-cloth Model: e-WWK2
Amazing Cleaning for Dishes and Everyday GlassesJUST ADD WATERThese highly absorbent cloths are great for washing up and for wiping down kitchen surfaces. They are infused with natural silver ions, to kill bacteria trapped during cleaning.Includes two (2) 12.5" x 12.5" Wash & Wipe Dish ClothsHig..
Brand: e-cloth Model: e-WU-1
e-cloth Wash-Up PadJUST ADD WATER!includes one (1) 5.5" x 3.25" x .5" Washing Up PadDual sided pad for cleaning the toughest cleaning tasksScrubbing side (grey) easily removes stuck-on food residue and hardened messese-cloth fiber side (yellow) cuts through grease and grimeIdeal for pots and pans, b..
Brand: e-cloth Model: e-RST1
Range & Stovetop ClothJUST ADD WATER!Includes one (1) Range and Stovetop Cloth - 12.5" x 12.5" True Chemical Free Cleaning - Dual sided Range & Stovetop Cloth has a smooth side for grease, oil and general cleaning, and a scrubbing stripes side to remove stuck on hardened messes wit..
Brand: e-cloth Model: mfg 10627
e-cloth Cleaning PadJUST ADD WATER!For those who like to clean with a pad, there is no need to invest in an endless supply of cleaning pads and cloths. This is the pad for all your multi cleaning problems. The highly absorbent fabric makes mopping up spills and cleaning dirt, grease and bacteria whe..
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