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Brand: Clearoma Model: 15-12
All Clearoma ® fragrances are carefully selected scents inspired by nature and tested for preference amongst the category’s target demographic.Crafted with essential oils, every Air & Fabric Freshener neutralizes bad odours and leaves behind a gentle fragrance...
Brand: Clearoma Model: 2-12
Clearoma is the ultimate odor control and odor removal product. With a secret, scientifically designed blend of natural odor control organics, essential oils, natural aldehydes, esters and ketones with vapour reducing properties, Clearoma will remove everything obnoxious including pet odors, skunk o..
Brand: Clearoma Model: CGP-58835
This re-usable polymer gel has been saturated with Clearoma Liquid. Simple open the container to let the polymer inside release the aromatic vapors to control unwanted odors. Works 24 hours a day. Recharge by adding Clearoma liquid when gel dehydrates to one third original level.Clearoma is the ulti..
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