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03 Dec Why Buy a 3D Printer?
Ron 0 193
Why Should I Buy a 3D Printer?The answer to that is the same as the reason for buying a computer 20 years ago. That's right 3D Printers are the new Computers and as such it will be important for everyone, especially our children, to learn and understand the technology. While 3D technology began as a way to rapid prototyping, it has evolved into man..
14 Oct Drilling Acrylic Sheet
0 336
Any commercially available, power-driven equipment is acceptable for drilling acrylic sheets. This includes portable drills, drill presses, lathes, automatic multiple-spindle drilling units, CNC routers and machining centers.Drill BitsSeveral manufacturers offer drill bits designed especially for plastics. Drill bits are made of high-speed steel (H..
13 Oct Identifying types of Plastics
0 69
The media often paints all plastic products with the same broad stroke. After all, all plastic is made from hydrocarbons derived from petroleum or natural gas. So, plastic is plastic is plastic, right? Actually, no . . . that is not right!While most plastic does come from petroleum or natural gas, the processes involved vary and affect the purity l..
13 Oct Gelcoating vs Painting Your Watercraft
Ron 0 75
We have seen many misinformed opinions in many Internet forums about the use of Gelcoat as a paintable topcoat. This article is intended to provide that facts and then let you decide which one you will choose. So lets start with a little background about Gelcoat. Gelcoat is a cosmetic layer of Polyester Resin, thickening agents and colour pigments...
29 Sep Review of the Creality CR-10 Smart 3D Printer From a Beginner
Ron 0 156
I was a newbie in the 3D Printing scene concerned about struggling with Bed Leveling, Z Axis Adjustments, Adhesion issues and more. As the General Manager of Industrial Plastics I was able to spend a lot of time picking the brains of the expert staff we have in the Victoria Store. Initially I chose an Ender 3 V2 which after some struggles with Bed ..
27 Aug 3D Printing: Choosing your first 3D Printer – What's what!? [1/3]
Deanna 0 345
    As we read in the last 3D printing article, filament is tough to choose when first getting started, and choosing a machine can be just as confusing! To keep things simple we will separate our learning into three parts. Today's section we will learn the differences between the different methods of 3D printing. As well as we will learn about the ..
05 Aug Challenges of Shipping from China in 2021 - Notice
Ron 0 97
The term "Slow Boat from China" was coined to describe how long something would take to get. That term has been increasingly more definitive in the past few years. Several events connected to the Covid-19 Pandemic have pushed the timelines of landing Chinese made products into North American Ports. In 2020 Industrial Plastics & Paints, driven by cu..
24 Jun Safety Data Sheets
Brent 0 636
On August 29, 2014, Prime Minister Harper and U.S. President Obama released the Canada-U.S. RCC Joint Forward Plan, which builds on the RCC Joint Action Plan launched in December 2011. Consistent with the overall objectives of the RCC and as part of the Canada-U.S. RCC Joint Forward Plan, Canada and the U.S. will continue to collaborate and promote..
08 May Moss Removal
Ron 0 376
The other day there was an article in the Vancouver news about a tremendous amount of foam that turned up in a local stream. At the time it never dawned on me that was caused by someone trying to remove Moss from their roof. The investigation into the cause lead to a townhouse strata complex that has sprinkled Tide granular detergent on the roof of..
24 Mar Maintenance of Acrylic Sheet with Novus
Ron 0 645
The cleaner you use on you Acrylic and other plastics can have an affect on it's appearance and longevity. In addition, the stress the sheet has undergone will also have an affect on how the surface will react to cleaning. If during the manufacturing process the sheet was subjected to high heat, bending, stretching and other forces then how it reac..
22 Feb 3D Printing: Choosing Filament for the First Time
Deanna 0 853
3D Printing: Choosing Filament for the FirstChoosing the right filament can be a challenge when you have just gotten your first 3D printer. There are so many types and qualities available to us in the market it gets very confusing! We will be covering common uses, as well as some recommended applications for makers and cosplayers. Today we will go ..
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