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24 Mar Environmental Expectations
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Some Interesting Content About our product WashAwayGreetings IPP StaffI hope you’re all well and business has continued to stay positive.    Thought you may be interested in this recent article on 2 of our products, WashAway XtremeTM & SWHTRTM / Elimitint.  It was written as a follow-up to a presentation that was given to Supply Chain Canada on Sus..
24 Mar Maintenance of Acrylic Sheet
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The cleaner you use on you Acrylic and other plastics can have an affect on it's appearance and longevity. In addition, the stress the sheet has undergone will also have an affect on how the surface will react to cleaning. If during the manufacturing process the sheet was subjected to high heat, bending, stretching and other forces then how it reac..
22 Feb 3D Printing: Choosing Filament for the First Time
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3D Printing: Choosing Filament for the FirstChoosing the right filament can be a challenge when you have just gotten your first 3D printer. There are so many types and qualities available to us in the market it gets very confusing! We will be covering common uses, as well as some recommended applications for makers and cosplayers. Today we will go ..
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