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Epoxy Adhesives

Brand: Devcon Model: 10210 Liquid 10110 Putty
Plastic Steel® is the original metal-filled epoxy putty used for hundreds of routine maintenance, production, and tooling applications. Patch and repair areas where welding or brazing would be undesirable or impossible KEY FEATURESBonds to most metals, concrete and some plasticsCures at room te..
Brand: Devcon Model: 10710 Liuid 10610 Putty
Aluminum-filled epoxy for dependable non-rusting repairs to aluminum castings, machinery and equipment widely used in HVAC applications. KEY FEATURESRepairs air conditioning system componentsListed under NSN Stock #8030-00-051-4511; #8030-00-670-8553Bonds to aluminum and many other metalsFills ..
Brand: Devcon Model: 10760
High-performance, non-rusting titanium-reinforced epoxy engineered for making repairs to machinery and equipment that can be precision machined. Withstands heavy loads in hard chemical environments. KEY FEATURESExcellent temperature resistance (350°F)High compressive strength (15,200 psi)R..
Brand: Devcon Model: 15800 Liqiud 15820 Putty
Devcon Flexane 80 features low shrink and high chemical and abrasion resistance. It is ideal for creating flexible molds and holding fixtures.The Flex-Add additive may be used with Flexane 80 Liquid to produce a lower durometer castable urethane.The Flex-Add additive may be used with Flexane 80 Liqu..
Brand: System Three Model: F100K
Cold Cure may be used effectively down to 35ºF in 100% relative humidity. It is an easy to use 2:1 ratio. It will not blush or turn milky in thin films and cures overnight. Cold Cure is a 100% solids, unfilled, medium modulus, low viscosity, moisture tolerant epoxy system. Cold Cure has no VOCs. It ..
Brand: System Three Model: F1110K38
For over 35 years, G-2 has been an excellent adhesive choice for oily, acidic hardwoods like teak and other tropical woods. Use it for gluing oak and cedar, as well as other materials that are difficult to bond. G-2 was developed primarily for waterproof bonding of rot-resistant woods used in fine y..
Brand: System Three Model: 1230K
GelMagic is a toughened, non-sagging, two component, structural epoxy adhesive designed for superior bonding to wood and most porous materials. It is unique in that it starts as two self-leveling liquids, which form a soft, thixotropic, sag-resistant paste when mixed. Measuring is easily accomplishe..
Brand: System Three Model: 1200K
MetlWeld is a super tough epoxy adhesive designed to bond dissimilar materials such as steel to wood. MetlWeld exhibits excellent elastic properties and superior bond strength while remaining rigid. MetlWeld will bond to stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, glass, ceramic, neoprene r..
Brand: Devcon Model: 22045 S-220
Tough fast curing structural adhesive with superior impact and peel resistance to most plastic surfaces such as ABS PVC, SMC, composites polyesters, polycarbonate, styrenics, PET, fiberglass wood, concrete, ceramic and metal. KEY FEATURESRequires minimal surface preparationBonds dissi..
Brand: CEC Corp Model: CEC-C5-250
C-POXY 5 is a general purpose structural-unfilled-fast setting epoxy adhesive.Two Part 5 Minute Epoxy Adhesive C-Poxy 5 by CECCORP is a 250 mL general purpose structural-unfilled-fast setting epoxy glue. Recommended for bonding metals, ceramics, stone, glass, concrete, wood, fiberglass and many plas..
Brand: CEC Corp Model: CEC-CT-250
MADE IN CANADA C-Tough is a high performance extremely tough epoxy adhesive which provides superb adhesion to substrates such as metals, glass, fiberglass, masonry, wood, stones, ceramics and most plastics. C Tough has the ability to make structural bonds that can absorb the stress of expansio..
Brand: Devcon Model: 31345 S-31
Extremely strong, water-resistant epoxy adhesive that forms a powerful bond with ferrous and non-ferrous metals, ceramics wood, concrete, or glass in any combination. KEY FEATURESMedium cure adhesive, which produces non-shrinking, rigid bondsFills poorly mated joining surfaces while providing e..
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