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Brand: Simiron Model: 40005610
SIMIRON CASTING RESIN is a professional-grade, high-performance, ultra-clear, self-leveling, and high-gloss epoxy resin coating.SIMIRON CASTING RESIN creates a durable protective barrier up to 2″ thick. Great for river tables, live edge furniture, molding, arts and crafts projects, custom jewelry, a..
Brand: Simiron Model: SMA8
Metallic Additive is an exotic pigment system that can be added to ROKREZ PRO & 1100SL 100% solids, clear epoxy. When dispersed within the coating, the pigment creates a beautiful three-dimensional appearance that gives the illusion of waves, swirls and ripples. The finished appearance of the Me..
Brand: Simiron Model: STTE
TABLETOP EPOXY100% SOLIDS & SELF LEVELINGSIMIRON TABLETOP EPOXY is a professional-grade, Low VOC, self-leveling, high-gloss protective coating. It creates a tough, high-gloss, crystal clear protective barrier up to 1/8 inch thick.The easy-to-measure 1:1 mix ratio is great for countertops, bars, ..
Model: 219-08
Sheathing Tape for PE Vapor Barrier, 60mm x 55m..
Brand: System Three Model: 6164S06
CastFX Dry Metallic Pigments are powders that can be added directly to System Three RiverCast, MirrorCast, and MirrorCoat.  These pigments add a stunning pearlescent effect to our casting resins. CastFX Dry Metallic Pigments can be intermixed with one another to create  your own unique col..
Brand: Mixol Model: S/01
MIXOL is one of Europe's leading brands of multi-purpose tinting concentrates and over the last 45 years has proven itself as a reliable partner to individual craftsmen and the colour tone industry. Binder-free multi-purpose tinting paste enables the user to mix 33 MIXOL and 3 metallic effect c..
Brand: ETI Epoxy Coatings Model: ETIOP
These universal opaque pigments can be used with Castin’Craft Clear Polyester Casting resin and Easy Cast Clear Casting Epoxy. Secondary colors such as orange and purple are easy to create by blending two or more pigments. A color blending chart is included in ETI’s “Easy Cast Resin Knobs” book..
Brand: E-Z Mix Model: GPMC70003
These convenient containers are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE). They cups are translucent and with both milliliter and ounce graduations on the container to aid in mixing. Most resins and epoxies do not stick to the polyethylene so once the resin hardens you can remove residue and reuse...
Model: 123682
Clear glass gemsVase-filler for fresh or artificial arrangementsTerrariums and fairy gardensClean and uniform shapeReusable plastic jar for easy storage..
Brand: ACE Hardware Model: RiverRock
Mosser Lee River Pebbles are all-purpose stones. There are many uses such as to retain moisture in plant soil, beautify indoor and outdoor containers, improve plant drainage, and create water and fountain designs. The small size is perfect for decoration and utility uses. These lightly polished ston..
Brand: ETI Epoxy Coatings Model: TCD
These universal dyes can be used with both Polyester and Epoxy Resins. A color blending chart is included in ETI’s “Easy Cast Resin Knobs” book. Transparent Dyes are available in 1oz. containers with drop dispenser...
Brand: ETI Epoxy Coatings Model: EZCCR
EasyCast is a two component, low odor, solvent free, clear casting epoxy. It’s ideal for casting small decorative items such as kitchen and bathroom knobs. Color EasyCast with Castin’Craft opaque pigments for solid colors, transparent dyes for that colored glass look or granite powders for the ..
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