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Brand: Simiron Model: SMA8
Metallic Additive is an exotic pigment system that can be added to ROKREZ PRO & 1100SL 100% solids, clear epoxy. When dispersed within the coating, the pigment creates a beautiful three-dimensional appearance that gives the illusion of waves, swirls and ripples. The finished appearance of the Me..
Brand: System Three Model: Wood Flour
Wood Flour, a fine sawdust that has been filtered so that there are no lumps, is excellent for creating wood glue and structural fillers and fillets. It is a fibrous filler that is also thixotropic. To make a smoother fillet, some users add a small amount of Silica Thickener...
Brand: IPP Branded Model: 300400
Antisag (Cab-o-sil) is light weight, low density fumed silica powder additive for use in all types of resins and gelcoats although, when used to thicken polyester or vinylester resins, creates an excellent medium sanding, non-slumping compound...
Brand: System Three Model: 6164S06
CastFX Dry Metallic Pigments are powders that can be added directly to System Three RiverCast, MirrorCast, and MirrorCoat.  These pigments add a stunning pearlescent effect to our casting resins. CastFX Dry Metallic Pigments can be intermixed with one another to create  your own unique col..
Brand: IPP Branded Model: Chopped Strand 1/4"
Chopped strand is actual strands of fiberglass chopped into 1/4" lengths. It can be added to any type of resin or gelcoat alone or in combination with other fillers where strength is required. ..
Brand: IPP Branded Model: Econofil
Econofil or Industrial Talc is a magnesium hydroxide powder and is the most economical filler. It is an additive used to thicken all types of resins and gelcoats and is easily applied and sanded..
Brand: IPP Branded Model: Milled Fiber 1/8"
Milled Fibers are ground fiberglass fibers. They will add moderate strength to any type of resin or gelcoat alone, or in combination with other fillers. ..
Brand: IPP Branded Model: Mini Fibers
Mini Fibers are dense, ground polyethylene fibers. It is an additive for all types of resins and gel coats although, when mixed with epoxy resins, creates an excellent medium sanding, non-slumping compound..
Brand: IPP Branded Model: Profil
Profil, also known as glass bubbles is a hollow silicone dioxide powder. It is a non-absorbent additive used to extend all types of resins and gelcoats. It can be used in resins alone however, its main use is to be used in conjunction with other fillers to create easy to sand compounds. ..
Brand: West System Inc Model: 403MF
403 Microfibers, a fine fiber blend, is used as a thickening additive with resin/hardener to create a multi-purpose adhesive, especially for bonding wood. Epoxy thickened with microfibers has good gap-filling qualities while retaining excellent wetting/penetrating capability.Color: off-white...
Brand: West System Inc Model: 405FB
This strong, wood-toned filler is good for use in glue joints and fillets on naturally finished wood. It mixes easily with epoxy and lets you create fillets that are smooth and require little sanding. Its color is a consistent brown, so 405 can be used to modify the shade of other WEST SYSTEM filler..
Brand: West System Inc Model: 406CS
406 Colloidal Silica is a thickening additive used to control the viscosity of the epoxy and prevent epoxy runoff in vertical and overhead joints. 406 is a very strong filler that creates a smooth mixture, ideal for general bonding and filleting. It is also our most versatile filler. Often used in c..
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