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Brand: Gamma2 Model: GSL-12
Turns a pail into a re-sealable, airtight container. Made from high density polyethylene and is FDA compliant. Fits most 12" buckets with capacities ranging from 3.5 gallons up to 7 gallons...
Brand: IPP Branded Model: 800423
The white polypropylene lotion pumps allow for high viscosity products such as lotions and liquid soaps to be easily dispensed. Each pump dispenses 0.5 ml of product per stroke and features a metal-free fluid pathway. A locking slot concealed within the lotion pumps head keeps the pump securely in t..
Brand: IPP Branded Model: 800350
 Available in 20mm, 24mm and 28mm neck sizes...
Brand: IPP Branded Model: 800365
The white child resistant caps are PE lined which is a good general-purpose liner material. A universal picture is shown on the top of the caps directing the user to push down and twist the cap to open the container. The child resistant cap are available in a 28mm neck size...
Brand: IPP Branded Model: 800370
The natural LDPE Yorker spout caps have a .030 hole with an attached red tip. The Yorker caps are designed to aid in the dispensing of the contents of the container through a hole at the end of the cone shaped cap. These dispensing caps are great for condiments, glues, paints, and modeling and craft..
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