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Brand: Interlux Model: Y333
A slow drying solvent, Brushing Liquid 333 eases brushing and helps with the flow of specified paint coatings. It’s also recommended for use in various topside systems to remove sanding residue from fiberglass and wood surfaces...
Brand: Interlux Model: 2000E 946ml
Interprotect® 2000E with Microplates® is a unique two-part epoxy coating developed to protect fiberglass hulls from water absorption, which can lead to osmotic blistering. Microplates® create an overlapping barrier to help stop water migration through the coating. The Interprotect® system is the sys..
Brand: Interlux Model: 4279/80
Primer for Brightside®, Premium Yacht Enamel and other 1-part finishesPre-Kote is a unique V.O.C. compliant, single package, undercoater for use with Brightside®, Premium Yacht Enamel or any one-part topside finish. Microspheres are used to give Pre-Kote superior build and hide while improving fl..
Brand: Interlux Model: Y2333N
For use in specific two-part polyurethane and epoxy products, Reducing Solvent 2316N is a very effective, slow evaporating solvent. Please make sure you read the product directions to ensure you use the correct amount...
Brand: Interlux Model: Y404/414
Suitable for use under all Interlux topside finishes, Epoxy Primekote® is a multi-purpose two-part epoxy primer. It can be used to resurface cracked and crazed gelcoat, and over clear epoxies to eliminate the effects of amine blush.Can be used to re-surface cracked and crazed gelcoat prior to the ap..
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