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Brand: Arda Wigs Canada Model: evahalfdowel
Half Round foam doweling, made from high-density EVA foam. Great for rounded edge detailing..
Brand: Arda Wigs Canada Model: hardlite
Hard-Lite EVA foam is the perfect prop making foam. Hard-Lite EVA is incredibility durable and stiff.  Perfect for creating super durable pieces.Holds very sharp and angular details.Very lightweight, Hard-Lite is around half the weight of other EVA foams of a similar hardness.&nb..
Brand: Arda Wigs Canada Model: evatextured
Lumin’s workshop Textured EVA Foam Sheets are the perfect way to add fine detailed textures to your armour or props!To use, simply cut out a piece of textured foam for the size of your project, heat the back side with a heat gun and then form to the required shape. For best results, we recommen..
Brand: Devcon Model: 119828
ALL-PURPOSE TF CEMENT Bonds most soling materials for use in the repair of shoes. Outstanding for bonding most Rubber Compounds and Leather. • Toluene-Free • Provides a superior bond • Waterproof, will not freeze • Easy to spread DRY TIME: 10-15 Min. OPEN TIME: Up to 4 HoursDries Clear.This..
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