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Brand: ETI Epoxy Coatings Model: 300629
Industrial Plastics Latex Rubber is an ideal product for making three dimensional molds. It is pre-vulcanized natural latex compund that contains 60% solids, which when cured will have the tough elastic properties of vulcanized rubber..
Brand: Smooth-On Products Model: MC-770 3lb size
PMC®-770 is mixed two parts A to one part B by weight, PMC®-770 pours easily and cures at room temperature to a solid Shore 70A rubber that has exceptional performance characteristics and dimensional stability. It is suitable for production casting of abrasive materials such as concrete (pre-cast co..
Brand: ETI Epoxy Coatings Model: ETILMB
Quick drying, fast build up, economical to use, peels easily from model, flexible and stretchable, harmless to most surfaces!Now you can duplicate figurines, sculptures and other items with safe, brushable latex rubber. Mold Builder will not stick to metal, clay, ceramics, plaster, wood or Plasticin..
Brand: Smooth-On Products Model: PMC-121
The PMC®-121 Series urethane rubbers feature convenient one-to-one by volume mix ratios. PMC®-121/30 Dry and PMC®-121/30 Wet are exceptionally strong and abrasion resistant for soft urethane mold rubbers. These rubbers will meet the stringent demands of production casting of wax, plasters, concrete,..
Brand: Smooth-On Products Model: PMC-744 1.25 Qt
PMC®-744 has been used for years by mold making professionals to cast plaster, concrete, resins, etc. It is excellent for making molds that are strong, durable and dimensionally stable. Low viscosity ensures fine detail reproduction. PMC®-744 is ideal for making ceramic case molds and plaster block ..
Brand: Smooth-On Products Model: Vytaflex
Using Smooth-On’s exclusive “V-Polymer™” technology, VytaFlex™ urethane rubbers offer superior physical and performance properties for casting concrete. VytaFlex™ mold rubbers work especially well for casting pigmented / colored concrete. Molds made with VytaFlex™ Series urethanes will render accura..
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